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The UltraTimeline control is one of the new controls being released with this month's NetAdvantage for Windows Client release.  The new UltraTimeline control is joined by a new layout metaphor called the UltraTilesPanel (see a video of both here).  However, the timeline control is what I'm most excited about.

A timeline control displays a data series across a period of time for different subjects.  For example, in a scheduling scenario a subject is a person and the data series is the appointments for each subject.  The timeline has a large number of uses with scheduling and resource utilization being at the top of my concerns.

The following image is a sneek peek of the UltraTimeline control.  You can also see it in use in the video linked above):

UltraTimeline preview

I've been using Infragistics controls for years now.  Of all the suites I've used Infragistics has been my favorite.  Besides the product itself one thing I like is that I know what to expect about upgrades.  There is a consistent schedule and a consistent upgrade/support fee every year.  This makes the accountants happy.  And it makes me happy, because it's no hassle come upgrade time.  Infragistics continues to provide additional value every year.

Posted on Friday, September 4, 2009 2:12 PM Infragistics , .NET | Back to top

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