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Anthony Trudeau

I've wanted to start this for awhile now.  It just seems so hard to find time.  But, I decided to just do it after realizing I spent way too much creative time thinking of reasons why I cannot start.

I love C#.  I started working with VB.NET over five years ago -- whenever the release candidate for 1.0 of the Framework was out.  I switched a little while later.  Originally, I just wanted to be ambidextrous with the languages, but I quickly found that I liked C# on every level and I haven't looked back.

I work for a Microsoft Solution Provider for the manufacturing and hospitality industries.  My primary role is to support custom VBA code for our EAI (enterprise application integration) application, but most importantly I am the sole developer for our RFID solutions.  I love challenges and learning new things, and it's been fun learning this maturing technology and seeing the possibilities for my clients.  I imagine at least some of my posts will gravitate to topics involving RFID.

Posted on Friday, October 28, 2005 9:13 PM | Back to top

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