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Somebody said that “a person is as good as he/she THINKS”. Recently, over conversation, one of my close “blog friend” remarked that a blog post revealed so much about the person who has written it; and though we never met physically / or even talked over phone… (we have only exchanged technical talks over chats and blogs); this friend of mine correctly predicted my personality and even my habits!!

I also came across with this site Just put a blog address and it will predict the bloggers mindset!! Here is what I get when I put across my blog ..



very flattering… I must say.

Why don’t you discover yours?? Do share the results with me.. Open-mouthed smile

BTW.. now a days I am working on Windows Phone 7 and am loving it. Have lots of gotchas to blog but simply no time (only 14 hrs a day Open-mouthed smile)

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