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Łukasz Kuryło's blog, this is a polish site similar to youtube. It allows to watch movies and listen to music, but does not allow direct downloading them to disk. In this post I would like to show how to achieve that using Ext JS and MVC.

Create a new ASP.NET MVC project and add there a Ext JS library. I have written here how to do that.

First step is create a form where user can paste the url.

    var form = new Ext.form.FormPanel({
        frame: true,
        renderTo: 'form',
        width: 380,
        title: 'Insert a link',
        items: [{
            xtype: 'textfield',
            allowBlank: false,
            anchor: '100%',
            vtype: 'LinkValidate', //(1)
            hideLabel: true,
            name: 'link'
            buttons: [{
                text: 'Download',
                handler: function()

This is a simple form with only one TextField, where user can insert a specified link and one button for submitting the form to the server. This field has a custom validation (1):

            Ext.form.VTypes['LinkValidateVal'] = /^http:\/\/([A-Za-z0-9\.-]+)\.wrzuta\.pl\/([A-Za-z0-9\._\/-]+)$/;
            Ext.form.VTypes['LinkValidateText'] = 'Invalid link';
            Ext.form.VTypes['LinkValidate'] = function(arg)
                return Ext.form.VTypes['LinkValidateVal'].test(arg);

This validation check if the inserted link corresponds to the pattern of url for
About custom validation I have written here.

Second step is create a controller with a Download action where the inserted link is converted to the absolute path to the file for download

        public ActionResult Download()
            string link = Request.Form["link"];
            string login, file_key;
            string retString = "{success: false, error: \"Error. Probably the link is broken.\"}";
            if (!String.IsNullOrEmpty(link))
                Regex re = new Regex(@"^http://([A-Za-z0-9-]+)\.wrzuta\.pl/(audio|film)/([A-Za-z0-9]+)/([A-Za-z0-9\._-]+)$");
                Match match = re.Match(link);
                login = match.Groups[1].Value;
                file_key = match.Groups[3].Value;

                if (!String.IsNullOrEmpty(login) && !String.IsNullOrEmpty(file_key))

                    link = "http://" + login + "" + file_key;

                    retString = "{success:true, url:\"" + link + "\"}";

                    return Content(retString);

            return Content(retString);

ASP.NET MVC provides a RedirectResult, but Ext needs a response in JSON format, so the ContentResult is used and the redirect to the link is placed in the form handler:

            handler: function()
                    if (form.getForm().isValid())
                            url: 'Wrzuta/Download',
                            success: function(a, b)
                                window.location = b.result.url;
                            failure: function(a, b)
                                Ext.Msg.alert('Result', b.result.error);

Full source code is available here (click the blue button called "Pobierz plik").

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