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From Jay Roxe, Product Manager, Visual Basic:

Today, I'm happy to announce the launch of VBRun: The Visual Basic 6.0 Resource Center at

VBRun is a subsite of the VB Developer Center that exposes some of our best Visual Basic 6.0 content from the extensive MSDN library, highlights new content that shows developers how to make VB 6.0 and VB.NET work together and also provides training for developers interested in moving their skills from VB6 to VB .NET. This will make developers more successful in using their existing skills and making a successful transition to VB.NET and VB2005. As we continue to evolve this site, we'll be publishing lots more content and giving the community a much bigger say in the overall design of the site and the success stories that we highlight. This resource center is only one part of our larger plan to support Visual Basic 6.0 developers while continuing to show them the advantages of VB.NET and VB2005. 

I  think this is a great move!!!

 Kudos to Jay and the team for doing this!!!!

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