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Get Custom Fields using Quickbooks SDK

I was attempting to get a custom field that a customer had added to Items.It took me a while to figure out it is simple but obscure and basically just requires adding a child element of OwnerID = 0.Once I found it, the QB SDK documentation was clear after looking at this article for getting Customer custom info:Described here:https://developer-stat... thing is that the DataExtRet element contains custom fields and only exists ......

EF 6.1 Code First Field Lengths – Reminder to self!

Recently I was using Entity Framework 6.1.1 to implement functionality for a windows service. I had used code first, that is creating a class in code then attaching to a db context and migrating it into a table on SQL Express 2014 but these had been small projects without a lot of data and hosted on full size sql servers and most projects start with an existing SQL Server so code first is not used. This time through testing processing a dozen or two transactions was no problem and I was not worried ......