October 2005 Entries

SQL 2005 has gone RTM
I just heard on the SQLDownUnder mailing list that SQL 2005 has been released to manufacturing (RTM) as of 9:45am Thursay Oct 27 (Seatle time)! I have not seen this on any other blogs (yet) so I thought I would get in early! Woo Hoo!

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New MS BI Certification
via Chris Webb Euan Garden notes that the new SQL 2005 certifications have been announced, one of which is the MCITP: Business Intelligence Developer. See here for more details: http://www.microsoft.com/le... I think I'm going to have to get myself certified in this too. I have the MCP for Datawarehousing, but that was for SQL Server 7.0 and I have not seen anything for SQL Server 2000. I notice that most of the books they have listed as resources are not due out until 2006 so it ......

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Migrating DSO code to AMO
I had a question today about how I was going to migrate my DSO code to AMO. (I would have replied directly, but you did not leave a return email address) I know it will be painful, but I think we are up for a re-write. The general rule I have been hearing about migrating from AS2k to AS2k5 is that, while the migration wizard can take most things over to an equivalent database in AS2k, you miss out on most of the benefits of upgrading. You are better off rebuilding your OLAP database in AS2k5 to take ......

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Partial Alternate Hierarchies
There have been a couple of questions on the Microsoft OLAP newsgroup (microsoft.public.sqlserver... recently about making dimension members appear in more than one place in the dimension. Have a look at this article for one method of implementing this. [More] [Updated 27 Oct 2005] I have add more detail on the Analysis Services 2005 solution as it was a little bit light on regarding exactly how the dimension usage was set up ......

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Rumour: VS.NET 2005 available on MSDN from October 15?
via Jeffery Palermo Yes, the public launch date and availability is still scheduled for the week of November 7th, but Microsoft will be releasing the software to it's MSDN Universal subscribers first on October 15th. I've been looking for changes from the Release Candidate to RTM, but I haven't found them yet. I'm glad the software is finally coming out. I've been working with .Net 2.0 since Beta 1 came out, and I'm looking forward to using the final product. The I've installed Beta 1, Beta 2, and ......

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TODO Driven Development
via SecretGeek TODO Driven Development - I love it. I have been doing a lot of looking at Test Driven Development lately, especially TestDriven.Net and the new features that are coming out in VS.NET 2005. But now that this methodology has a name can't I just keep using it and get on with coding? :) ......

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Managing Dead Time
Adam Cogan has a great list of “Rules to Better...” on his companies web site at http://www.ssw.com.au/SSW/S... if you have not seen them yet they are really worth a look, at lot if it is just good old common sense, but then again common sense is not all that common. :) I was reading Rules to Better Dead Time and have one of my own to add. * If you have a device capable of playing MP3's - download some Podcasts. There are some really good ones out there and they are ......

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Comparing WWF rules and the Microsoft Business Rule Engine
via Charles Young Charles has a long post here on comparing Comparing WF rules and the Microsoft Business Rule Engine (which is part of Biztalk), I have not finished reading it yet myself, but I was pretty impressed with what I have read so far so I thought I would share it. ......

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I don't grok the word grok
I don't grok why people (mainly from the US) seem to be so excited about the word grok. It's supposed to convey a deep, intuitive understanding, but when I hear it used in conversation it really doesn't work. I find it jarring and have to actually stop and thing about what the word means. I really don't grok, grok. So could you all please stop it and use a word like “understand”, which everyone understands? Thanks :) ......

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Developer Toolbar for IE
I read about this tool on someone's blog a week or two ago, downloaded it and only just got around to installing it (sorry, I can't remember where I heard about it originally). If you are creating any sort of web content this tool is bound to be useful. I used to use the developer tools in firefox to test and fix css issues, but this tool has a number of cool features that set it apart from the ones available in the Firefox extension - it has a DOM browser that lets you drill down the DOM hierarchy ......

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Backing up Analysis Services 2000 Databases
There are a number of different methods available for backing up your Analysis Services 2000 database. I recently pulled together this vbscript for automating the calling of msmdarch.exe and thought I would post an article on the full range of backup/restore options. Analysis Manager This is the method that most people are aware of. It is fine for migrating databases, or for restoring databases. But for archiving/backing up databases you really want something that can be automated. If your database ......

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