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Chris Tacke has undertaken "Project Resistance" and gives great insight on developing and deploying an application onto the Marketplace. Project Resistance is a simple utility application that allows the user to play with resistor color bands. Selecting a color band combination gives you the resistance in ohms and given a resistance in ohms it will show you the corresponding color band. You can follow and get more details here.

Another interesting thing is that Chris Tec is developing the same application for iPhone. This is great because, first, I don't know much about developing for iPhone, except that Objective-C looks weird, and second, it lets you compare the two platforms and find out how difficult or easy it is to get something done. You can get more details here.

Here is an excerpt from Chris Tec's blog to give you an idea:

"Unlike the Windows Mobile application which required a small amount of plumbing code to be developed in order to draw images with alpha transparency I was simply able to drag and drop the images onto my view within Interface Builder. The Cocoa Touch framework supports controls with transparency out of the box."

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