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If you are following this blog then you probably know that I have been itching to do some sort of a simple game. In this post I will explain the bare bones of simple game which I call "Crash Marbles".

The objectives of the game are simple,

1) Avoid contact with the evil marbles (Currently, the color of both the evil marbles and the protagonist marble is the same, I will change that soon)

2) Collect the Blue sapphire which appears randomly on the screen to score points

3) Every time you collect the blue sapphire you gain 10 points

4) And every time the evil marbles touch you, you lose 10 percent of your points. I initially coded for making you lose 20% of the points but I figured that the penalty is a bit too much and my score never went beyond 150. So I changed it to 10% (:

I am not going to explain the code here because there is hardly any new changes/logic in the code. The code is more or less the same as this post. You may also look here. What I am going to show you is, you guessed it, the video. So here comes:

The first video does not have audio, the background noise was too much so I mute the video.

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