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Well, another Philly Code Camp has come and gone, and it was a great time. I made it a one-day trip, which I think I'm getting too old to keep doing. Left the house at 4 AM from Pittsburgh, made it to Philly by 8:15 AM; I left around 4 PM and got home by 9 PM (no thanks to my TomTom, which took me on a scenic tour of old town Fort Washington).

I was expecting a nice and relaxing day at Philly Code Camp where I had one talk (A Beginner's Guide to LINQ) at 2 PM; but I got an email from Marc Ziss asking if I could do another session due to a speaker getting sick. So I filled in for Roberto Hernadez and presented on An Introduction to WCF Data Services and the OData Protocol (I need to shorten that title!) at 10 AM. Roberto's talk was on NHibernate 3, which I know nothing about, so I couldn't fill in for the topic. Since he had to drop out the day before and the schedules were already printed up, there was no time to get an update out to all attendees.  So I ended up with a lot of people coming into my session, staring at the projector with a confused look for a few seconds, and then looking disappointed that the topic wasn't NHibernate. But I would say a good 50% of the attendees stuck around and we ended up with an 80% full room towards the end, which I was impressed with.

Both sessions had great interaction with the attendees, great questions, and gave me a few things to think about for the next time I use these topics. Thanks to everyone who attended my sessions and thanks to the folks at Philly Code Camp for allowing me to speak.

By the way, my current "new adventure" is a start-up called BrainCredits. It's a site that allows you to track all of your informal learning - code camps, webinars, podcasts, articles you've read, etc. - in one place. We're currently in "laying low" mode, but you're more than welcome to sign up and get credit for my talks. It's free to sign up, and if you have any feedback on the site, please email me at The URLs to my lessons on are:


In fact, all of the Philly Code Camp sessions are indexed there - so you can grab credit for any session you attended. Just do a tag search for "philly".

If you just want to download my slides and code from the presentations, the materials are on my SkyDrive account at:

Thanks again, and see you at the next Philly Code Camp!

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Just happened to see this and wanted to thank you again for covering that second session and going way beyond the call of duty with the 4AM departure. Next time you can crash at my place if youd like.
Left by Marc Ziss on Jun 17, 2011 4:55 PM

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