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I’ve been with GeeksWithBlogs for a really long time and I love it here.  However, I’ve finally been able to setup a basic blog on my website InsideGamer where I’d like to continue my postings.  I am going to try to move some of the posts from here over there in the next couple days and I’ll probably keep this blog around although I’m not sure how much I’ll update any more.  If you’re thinking about blogging the only site I would recommend is GeeksWithBlogs.  The amount of viewership I’ve received here is amazing and it’s been a home for my development thoughts through many years.

If you’ve enjoyed anything you read here I’d suggest checking out my new place, maybe soon I’ll even have some kind of feed for you to follow.

Yeah I’ll probably be back…

But for now, I must move on, bittersweet as it may be.

Posted on Thursday, August 22, 2013 7:09 PM | Back to top

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