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Last night a few buddies and I geeked out by sitting around for 5 hours and playing the strategy board-game Descent.  It was my first time playing and although we lost, I feel I got a decent 'welcome' into Descent.  And, other than Dungeons & Dragons, was the first strategy game I've ever played (yes, I have never played Risk).

While I understand the appeal of the game, I didn't enjoy it as much as I do when I play D&D.  Though, it's really apples and oranges considering in Descent I was a Hero and in D&D I am typically the DM.  Our play session seemed unnaturally slow for a game.  Each player spent loads of time saying "I could do this, or should I do this?"  That's great you're thinking up a strategy, but what were you doing when it wasn't your turn?  This could be the players I was with, but they had a pretty good understanding of the core system and were still taking hours of time debating the proper way to go down a hall.

The last few D&D sessions I hosted we played with miniatures but no play mats or visible indicators of walls, simply obstacles, enemies, and players.  We still had a great deal of strategy involved regarding placement of characters and such and the game wasn't slowed to a halt by long spurts of indecision.

In comparison, either one of two things generally happened.  Either I overly deluded the strategy in D&D by removing most (not all) walls (the players were outside for the most part), or the Descent guys were over-strategizing (or I suppose regular strategizing).  To me, the game of D&D where strategy was involved but the game kept moving along is a preferred situation compared to a game that stalls on possibilities.

Although, maybe I'm just a strategy noob with 'strategy ADD'.

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I love Descent. Have all the expansions. It's usually our fallback game if we can't get enough folks together for our regular 4e campaign.
Left by Chris G. Williams on Jun 18, 2009 12:22 AM

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