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Get the beta of the DM-ControlRoom map for Unreal 3 here.

What else is going on with me?  Not a whole lot.  Here's what I need to do for my portfolio stuff yet.  I need to make sure my code is correctly cleaned up for the DirectX demo and I need to release the code on my portfolio site.  I also need to finish Pong RPG but can't until I receive the final music files (I have 2/3 of the final files) and place that on my site.  I probably will need to troubleshoot the installer as well to make sure it installs the XNA redist and the DX redist before installing Pong.  Then, I need to make a section for my Unreal modding where I will place my created scripts and levels.

Also, I need to finish up a few powerpoints in the next month for talks I'm giving later this year.  I should probably start either writing cover letters or refining my resume for next year as well.  I should probably stop the Unreal modding for a week or two to get a lot of this sorted out before continuing (just think of the time I won't have when school starts!).

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