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I wanted to take a break from CR last night so I started work on ToxicRiver.  It's cool, I've only been working with the Unreal editor for less than a week and I can already see improvements on how much faster I can make maps and how much better they look (compared to CR and to the old Atlantis I was working on in 2k4).  ToxicRiver is my first map featuring liquid in the form of a pool -> waterfall -> river.  A few design changes were made, the ramps were too big so I needed to implement elevators which currently don't work.  The elevator models and all are in, I just need to write the Kismet for it.

The lighting and mood is similar to CR in that it's this dirty, darker map.  This one is loaded with more yellowish light due to some cool pillars I've used though are too far/close to the wall and need to be fixed (right now the player can jump behind them and get stuck).  I think it looks good for only spending about 3 hours on it.  Pics coming soon.

Substation is going to be a difficult map, I can tell already.  CR and TR are both square levels with square rooms and different hallways and catwalks.  Substation's church is similar since it is basically a big rectangle building with a big rectangle basement.  The problem will be outside the church where the terrain is because that isn't supposed to look square.  Also, this map is going to be my first additive map (I've done additive with Doom 3 but never with Unreal).  Substations design is to have 3 levels, the basement, the main level (ground, floor of church), and an upper deck/balcony.  I am betting this will be my largest map to date.

What I need to learn to do is load my levels with meshes because right now I put in a few crates, some catwalks, and my lighting models, and thats traditionally it.  But, when you look at DM levels in both Doom 3 and Unreal, both are almost ALL mesh items.  I should take some time and walk around the Unreal DM maps and just lift some ideas.  I was looking around work today and got some ideas from real life buildings and have thought of some things I can look at adding.

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