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I worked more on my first Unreal map this weekend although it still is bland and needs loads more meshes.  Here are some screens:

Upper Walkway:


Main Control Room:

This map is tentatively called DM-ControlRoom.  It's a relatively small map set in this dungy looking basement loaded with machinery.

I've also got plans for 2 more maps I will build and release with my first 'Map Pack'.  It will contain DM-ControlRoom, DM-Substation, and DM-ToxicRiver (all early titles).

Set in an abandonded, war-torn cathedral/church that has recently become a human power station littered with machinery used to supply our cities with reserve power in a time of war.  This will be my first map with outdoor environments.

Toxic River takes place in a sewer system featuring catwalks, a trench filled with green liquid, and a green waterfall.  This will be my first map using water.

I might start ToxicRiver tonight so I can break from CR for awhile (build the basic geometry for TR).  I realized quickly making these maps I prefer the dark and dirty looks found more prominantly in Epic's Gears of War games although I will make sure to make some space and techy maps soon.  I'm still getting used to the game assets (primarily the static meshes).  More pics coming soon.

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