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Poor Bungie, getting put down by 'the man'.  I'm not 100% convinced this whole stunt is over though with Luke Smith's postings on NeoGaf I'm about 99% sure this all really sucks.  Considering E3 has pretty much been dead so far, a nice Bungie announcement could have brought things back to life a bit.  Microsoft == Killjoy.

There could be hundreds of reasons why the 'publisher' (aka Microsoft) decided to hold Bungie back so I won't go into them, I'm only hoping it's something legitimate and not something as simple as the rumors have been.  Hopefully we'll see some clarification on this all soon.

I spoke a bit too early when it came to the Sony/MS press conferences stating the video options were stupid.  While I still maintain the idea a game company should focus on games, the new PSN Video Store is quite cool with hundreds and hundreds of movies/TV Shows/Anime to pick from.  It's good to see this Video Store really provide loads of content from release and they got it out as promised.  Many people hated on the PSN Video Store because unlike the Netflix/360 store, you have to pay per movie and not a monthly type fee.  For me personally, this is an optimal solution because other than this last weekend, the last time I actually rented a movie was years ago.  Maybe I'll test out some of those rentals in the near future...

Sigh, Bungie...

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