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Nintendo, Nintendo, Nintendo.  We need to have a little talk.  See here's the thing, it's not me, it's you...

So Nintendo wrapped up their E3 conference a bit ago and here's the recap. _____ Oh sorry, I fell asleep, BORING!  Couple new Fit-board utilizing games, 2 new peripherals, some new games, and zero excitement generated.  The biggest news?  It's probably either between the new motion sensor thingy, or the reveal the Mario and Zelda teams are both working on new Wii games.  But they said 'new titles', thus meaning we could be seeing yet another lame Mario rip off game like Strikers, ooo maybe Zelda Party!  (Mmmm, can you taste the lame sauce?)

The new motion sensor has a new Wii Sports game to use with it and apparently has some other games in the works such as a sword fighting game (similar to the Star Wars-esque style gameplay the Nintenboys have been barking for for years).  Also featured are a 'throw frisbee for a dog' game and 'Reggie likes jet ski's'.

Other reveals include the new Animal Crossing for Wii featuring the great GameCube graphics we saw last generation and some kind of new gameplay mechanic that allows you to go to a city.  They introduced some gizmo that goes on your TV that acts as a voice chat type thing.  Ok, 1) this thing is going to have to be really sensitive to hear across the room, 2) hooray for voice chat, just another thing PS3 and Xbox already have.  Also dated, Wii Music will be out this holiday.  Now I love playing music so I may have to try this game...oh wait it's not a game?  SCREW THAT.  It seemed to be so promising, tons of instruments that you play awkwardly but the game doesn't score you, it captures your performance as a video?  It's the same as pointing a camera at the screen as you play Rock Band, except Rock Band at least gives it some challenge by scoring you...

Nintendo's whole deal was about catering to the casual and the hardcore and yet they only half delivered (casual if you didn't catch it).  In fact, Nintendo has taken casual to such a level that they are producing things that shouldn't even be considered games (I'm looking at you and your no-scoring Wii Music).  Their games are so 'casual' they've learned to take out any sort of difficulty and successfully alienated this hardcore gamer.  Boy, am I glad I never bought a Wii.

Congrats Microsoft, you are not the worst conference thus-far for E3 2008, Nintendo holds that role (casually).  Nintendo == Epic Fail.

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