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Since I'm at work at can't access video, I'm going to post my thoughts on the Microsoft Press Conference based on numerous live-blogs I read updates on.  First thing I'll do tonight though is watch all the videos of it.

I thought the MS conference was quite unimpressive overall.  Initial reactions to Fallout 3 were varied due to the seemingly early nature of the demo/game.  RE5 came out and demo'ed some co-op but we knew co-op was coming for awhile now and the game seemed quite similar to RE4 (not that that's a bad thing).  Fable was the first real portion of new content in the discussion of the orb multiplayer thing which seems ok, just that I don't want to see orbs all over the place while I'm playing.  Also, I seem to remember a video with Molyneux discussing the removal of a lobby system and this seems to be that, so it isn't in itself that amazing.  Gears 2, possibly the first un-leaked, seldom hinted at reveal was the riding certain creatures thing (I need to see this tonight).  GTTV did a thing on Gears 2 last week and when asked Cliff was quite quiet about that.

Xbox Live has some new additions, lets start with the TV-esque things.  NBC TV on XBL, meh, I guess it's good for you TV nuts that don't just watch TV normally.  Netflix and XBL, same to you.  The big announcement for XBL was the revamp of the Dashboard and the inclusion of 'Avatars' as well as the community channel where you can interact with your friends via avatar.  Great new addition Xbox, you've successfully cloned Nintendo and Sony.  Also for XBL, a few new games including extra Portal levels, new Geometry Wars, and a bunch of DLC.

Now the wierd part of the conference started with (sadly) the best part being Banjo Kazooie.  I love the Banjo games but this new one with fat Banjo and strung out Kazooie just doesn't look as faithful to the originals that I would wish it to be.  Seriously, that 'You're in the Movie' thing sounds like the lamest thing I've ever heard.  Next, it went on to music games including GH and RB, biggest announcements being the DLC for GH and the full track list for RB.

Finally end with the Square Enix stuff, 3 RPGs and the announcement of FFXIII on Xbox 360.  So the biggest reveal in this whole show, FFXIII on 360, is basically a reveal that Xbox is getting a game that Playstation 3 will also have and launch on the same date.  First off, there were rumors LAST E3 this would break which makes you think, maybe it was planned but not announced because there was nothing to show for it... At this reveal there was the first real outbreak of applause during the whole showing, saying something about the conference...

Ok, I may be a Sony fanboy and ripping apart the MS conference, and I don't mean to be, but it really started strong with Gears 2, Fable 2, Fallout 3, RE5 (notice, no NEW IP) and then just crapped out the longer it went.  Yes, if you own a 360 (which I wish I did only for the select big titles I can't get on PS3), there are definitely things to be psyched about, but looking at it as a whole I don't think they had a good showing.  Let's hope Nintendo/Sony have better ones otherwise this next year is really going to suck.

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