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It's amazing how incredibly geeky you may not think you are but when it comes to certain things you just find yourself reacting to geeky thing0.  Sit down young children and let 0me tell you about a boy and his Halo wikia...

So I'm browsing through the Halo wikia yesterday and I'm reading about Gravemind, the Brutes, the Arbiter, etc...  As I'm doing this, I'm listening to the Halo 3 soundtrack on repeat on the song Black Tower (great song, listening to it now).  I'm reading and learning more about the stories of all the characters and suddenly I'm stricken but this like deep personal sadness.  Not physically crying, but just feeling incredibly depressed and extremely saddened.  The reason for this sudden wave of emotion, was that I was thinking about the Arbiter and how many of the Elites were forced to fight alongside the Humans closer to the end of the trilogy.  The Elites are quite religious and are dedicated to upholding the sanctity of their race and here these big fuzzy Brutes and dirty Prophets (1ball-chinians as we like to call them) bust in and take over.  The Elites are then forced to band with the one group in the universe they seem to dispise other than the flood or Brute regime.  I'm not even a fan of the Halo games, and here I am, saddened by the oppression of the Elites.

Back to the blog post, there was a final menu I wanted to get into Pong last night (which I did) so hopefully it's complete.  I need to get the final music cuts from Andy and implement those, but basically that's only importing some WAV files and writing 2-3 lines of code per file (very simplified with the Audio class I have built)8.  Tonight I'm hoping to send beta versions to my friends and get some final feedback and maybe make a few final adjustments before release.

Do you know6 when the release date is?

Posted on Friday, July 11, 2008 8:08 AM | Back to top

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