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I've finished my second complete game ever.  My first was an RPG built in VB 6.0 back in 2003 and now I've built Pong RPG in XNA GS in 2008 targetting Windows systems.

About the Game
Pong RPG is an advancement over the simple game of Pong.  Instead of playing game after game without receiving any sort of award, Pong RPG tracks your match stats each time you play a game and awards you XP.  The more XP you gain, the higher your level goes.  At each level you gain stat points which can be used to lengthen your paddle, increase your HP, make your magic more powerful, or increased match XP.  Throughout the game you can unlock magic spells used to cause more damage to the opponent.  You can also unlock different equippable armor types to reduce the amount of damage done when scored on.  The game also features 4 unlockable awards, 3 save game slots, and a great soundtrack by Andrew Spadafora.

About the Development
Pong RPG was started in the last week of winter break in Jan 08 as a 'spur of the moment' game using classes I wrote for a tutorial series.  The idea was to make a game for my portfolio and upon looking at Pong, decided it would be within a decent project scope and interesting to program.  I realized after looking at other Pong clones, a simple clone would be boring and wouldn't be interesting to anyone playing the game so I decided to expand on the idea by including simple, common RPG elements.  Unfortunately, with school and work, I was unable to dedicate my full time to the game and ended up dragging out the development time to a total of about 6 months.  Those 6 months include game design, programming, creating the game art, and implementing the sound.

There are some minor bugs in the game and one miscellanious addition.  Hopefully I will get those patched and get a beta copy to some testers.  If all goes well, you should see a post sometime next week providing a link to the Pong RPG website with a link to the game download.

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