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Since Pong is getting further and further along, I'm starting to think of distribution methods.  While I'll almost definitely have an ISO for download, I'd like to package and make it look as professional as possible.  Looking at the parts to it, I could make about 24 copies for around $50.  The initial cost could be about $72 but that extra $22 will contribute to each pressing after those first copies (like I'll ever even give away 24!).  Really if I sold them for $2 a piece I could remake all the money I would spend but starting out I know a bunch of people I'll send free ones to.  Oh, also I'll have to go to some print store to print the booklets but I can't imagine that will cost a lot.  Maybe for 24 copies of 10 full page manuals (20 page manual), even if it was 5 cents a page it would end up around $13 which isn't too bad compared to what it would cost for me to print them at home.

Really, distribution is aways off compared to the items I have left in the game.  But, I've realized I have 2 critical additions, and the rest (2 other major items) are all unlockables and things that make the game more fun to play so after I finish the first 2 crit additions the game will be basically done!

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