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How am I like the only person in the world that gets sick in the first few weeks of summer?  Not like little sick, like week long sick, eyes burning, phlem-choking sick.  I hope by tomorrow or Tues I'm better.  I think I'm on the up shot of this but I start the new job on Tues and it would be nice to start while I'm not sick.  It hurts to look at the monitor for too long so I haven't been posting a lot.

The newest thing with me is I'm compiling my XNA Tutorials, finishing 3 more, and publishing them through  I've got the formatting started and need to look at some other formatting things but all-in-all formatting has gone much easier since my last book.  Also, I'm in talks with Nick Gravelyn on having him write a foreward for the book which is super super awesome.

Why write this book when the tutorials are free?

I, as well as many others I'm sure, would like a hard copy of the tutorials.  Plus, the book will contain all the shader docs and other docs I reference in the tutorials.  There will also be an optional CD you can buy (which will be super cheap) that contains tutorial starting code, all the images and graphic files, sound files, and final code for each tutorial.  Also, as mentioned, it will have the great foreword that won't be available online.  Definitely going to be worth the dough (also I make no profits, only sold for the printing price).

I'll put links and stuff up when it's up for sale. Posted on Sunday, May 25, 2008 9:49 PM | Back to top

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