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So in the last 12 hours I've discovered how useful RenderMonkey is for creating pretty cool shaders.  It's one of those programs that creates half the code for you by the clicks of your mouse which is kind of nice.  The reason I never used to use it is because I thought it added extra miscellaneous code snippets, which it does.  But it's useful when you get past those snippets.

I need to really buckle down on this F# paper.  I need to start/get aggravated/ finish the paper, finish the text editor program, and write a few more programs in it.  All within about a week, so expect to see some major F# updates coming down the pipe.  The bast I can give you now is the lackluster SCompiler Online Help.

I'm leaving for home late tomorrow night and then have my interview on Friday (hopefully, they've messed up my appointments a bunch already...), wish me luck. Posted on Wednesday, April 23, 2008 11:25 PM | Back to top

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